Megan Bassett - Artist, Founder, Owner

I'm a Midwestern girl. Wisconsin to be exact. My family is just that, good, honest, hard working people. No one in my family has ever moved from Wisconsin, well except me.

How did this passion start? It started with a dream. A dream to ski. I said it and did it. I moved to Gunnison, Colorado. I skied Crested Butte as much as my legs could take. That was 1996. I've never looked back. Part of this dream was to work for the Olympic Committee. I did, for 9 years. It was a great experience. But sometimes in life your dreams change. You change. If you're smart enough, you change with it. I did. I went to Italy in 2006 for the Olympic Games. After the events, my husband and I traveled the Italian countryside. I fell in love with the lifestyle, the glass, the art and the freedom that I felt - that was my perception. It was wonderful! When I came home I wanted to make fused glass. So I did. I took glass classes, started to create and it felt wonderful. Today I work as a full time glass artist. I have two fantastic kids and a loving husband.

I'm no longer the only one to move to Colorado. My sister Danielle has followed me. I'm also lucky enough to have her as a fantastic full time employee.  Thank you for supporting our small business!

Danielle Neureuther - Director of Social Media

Hi Addicts! I'm Megan's sister and also the sales and marketing force behind MOL. I quit my corporate job of ten years in 2012 to jump on the carnival tour with Meg and sell MOL at Art Shows, Farmers Market's and online. Summer and Fall you will find me living in Vail and working the Colorado art show circuit. In winter, I run to Florida (with a stop in NOLA) to sell in the beach towns and work on my tan. My neice and nephew call me 'Crazy Auntie'....I'm a little crazy, but it's all good. I am a total foodie, love the mountains as much as the beach and I always take time out to enjoy the sunset.Working with my sister has been an adventure of a life time and best choice I have ever made! Explore, Dream, Discover...and don't forget the wine! That's my motto!

Cari Cody - Office Diva

I am the Office "Diva" for Miss O. I "met" Danielle on a FB fan page I admin'd for a fundraiser for a mutual friend back in 2009. Our love of all things revolving around music (and wine!) made us fast friends! We didn't meet in person until Danielle delivered some GB packer crack to my house in 2011. Needless to say as soon as Meg and Danielle put the page up I was instantly addicted. I was excited for their new venture and did whatever I could to spread the word. I dare say I was one of the first addicts (yes Keri Johnson, I know you were the VERY first!). Their sales grew quickly and in January 2012 they asked me to become part of their team *squeal*! The best part of my job is getting to know so many of you and becoming friends. I love my job - it's like a party every week with the album drops.

Suzette Neureuther - Art & Creative Assistant *and* The Proud Momma

Hello, I'm 'Suzie' and I've been with Miss Olivia's Line since the very beginning. I also happen to be Megan & Danielle's mom.  I'm involved in every aspect of the business, from creating designs and making the glass to selling it.  I've always encouraged my girls to follow their dreams and I'm proud to get to enjoy the journey of our family business.  I love being part of the MOL Team!